We have excellent horses ranging from yearling to adult for sale and the choice is yours, with our guidance. They have been reared either in Iceland or on this Scottish farm in large groups with plenty of room and friends.

We have a number of horses currently being trained.  These good looking, often tall, homebred horses are unlikely to ever get sweet itch and will make fantastic leisure or competition horses. Call or e-mail for details on horses for sale. 


We also have a large group of untrained horses, but will only sell to people with prior knowledge of Icelandic horses and experienced in their training. Otherwise, we prefer to train them at Windy Gowl, and can offer livery until they are ready for training.  They will run with other youngsters on moorland with minimal human interference, and when they reach 4/5 years we can train them for you. 

Don't forget that the homebred horses are very unlikely to ever get sweet itch. The chance is 5% like any other breed of horse.

All the horses are microchipped. pedigreed and with passports.  All are used to traffic and farm machinery, and box, shoe and catch easily.

You will find our prices very reasonable, reflecting the current economic climate.


Old favourites – If we can find the sort of homes we like, then we will consider selling some of our favourite horses at reasonable prices. There are a few and they are very special.

We also have a few horses for lease (with a possible option to buy) at Windy Gowl and to be kept on the farm. Kind riders only please.

To discuss any of the horses we have for sale, please contact Jill Noble (details below) or e-mail us.


Vopni has been bought by Joan and is staying at Windy Gowl

Brie, our beautiful pedigree 5 year old Welsh cob mare has now been sold and is living on a farm in Argyllshire.

Jadraka has gone to live in the South with Tamsin. She is a lovely mare out of Chocca and by Svanur, one of the best we have bred.

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